Fire Safety, Simplified.

Ting helps you prevent electrical fires before they happen, to keep your family and home safe.

Ting is Proactive, Preventive and Simple

Ting pinpoints and identifies the unique signals generated by tiny electrical arcs, the precursors to imminent fire risks.

These signals are incredibly small but are clearly visible thanks to Ting's advanced detection technology.

How Ting Works

Simple, Proven Protection.  Imagine if you could know when hidden electrical fire hazards start to form - before they had a chance to evolve into a fire. Now you can.

Ting is a smarter yet simpler solution to a century-old problem, designed to help you in your mission to protect your family and home.

Easily make your home safer and smarter

We designed Ting with you in mind.  Ting is really smart, yet super-simple to set up.

Join the growing community of homeowners who trust Ting to help them prevent electrical fires and protect what matters most.

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